Stars in my sky

Many years ago, the incident that shaped my thoughts was that of Nirbhaya. I wondered how to make the world a better place for my children so that they could grow up as unbridled, independent adults. It was then that I decided to work for respect, respect for women, respect for human kind.

Red Polka runs on this mission to build a community of respect for women. Especially those women, who create businesses, no matter the size of the business. They are self-starters who with their creative thinking and determination have built something from the ground up, while creating designs that are truly world class.

Each designer on Red Polka is ‘the chosen one’, someone who not only makes beautiful designs, but also has a beautiful story. We believe that each business makes a difference; many of them may not be the family breadwinner, but their attitude is to feed many families through other breadwinners – their tailors, embroiders, packers, coordinators…

But not each one is adequately respected in her community for creating a business out of fashion and design. Many women face their efforts being written off as ‘hobbies’. Their work and the spirit of living a dream often gets overlooked. In my view, no work is small, as long as it is a sincere effort. As a client gave the term, ‘personal jihad’ to my approach, and like a personal jihad for respect, we are trying to earn respect for these #starsinmysky.

Next time you come across a lady who runs a boutique, give her the same respect that you would give to the lady who goes to a corporate office to earn a living.

Tum na hota…

अगर हमारी शब्दों के कोष में ‘तुम’ ना होता
तो, कोई छोटा ना होता
अगर हम सिर्फ ‘आप’ कहते
तो शायद आदर की समझ होती

काश, हमारे शब्दों के कोष में सिर्फ ‘आप’ होता
हमारे बच्चे ‘आप’ होते
हजारों पत्नियाँ ‘आप’ होती
लाखों युवा ‘आप’ होते
हमारी नींव कमज़ोर ना होती
शायद छोटेपन का एहसास न होता
शायद सिर्फ सम्मान होता

काश, हमारे शब्दों के कोष में सिर्फ आप होता

एक भिकारी भी ‘आप’ होता
वो नौकर भी ‘आप’ होता
हमारी बाई भी ‘आप’ होती
हमारी बच्चियाँ भी ‘आप’ होती
कोई छोटा ना होता
कोई बड़ा ना होता

काश हमारे शब्दों के कोष में ‘तुम’ ना होता
हमारे आँखों में एक ही भाव होता
हम इंसान होते, शायद इंसानियत होती
कोई छोटा ना होता, कोई बड़ा ना होता
काश हमारे शब्दों के कोष में सिर्फ ‘आप’ होता


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