Are you scared of some words?

I am amazed with the energies of SMEs. Limitless. And such outstanding work that one struggles to think why should I classify them as SME. I will call most of them as curators in their respective fields. However, they seem to be wary of the word Brand. They want to build it, they drive all the way for a strategy discussion. And after layers of discussions with various founders, it is becoming clear that Brand is just a word in the dictionary, which is not so friendly. For many, brand building means advertising. For many, Brand is on the list of things to do, but the last thing to do.


Some words are there in our daily lives, but are difficult. They sound unapproachable, they sound esoteric, they sound as if they are in context with the neighbour or even neighbour’s neighbour. ‘Brand’ is one of these set of words. Especially for many start ups and small businesses where the founder is writing the whole story, she finds, ‘Brand’ as a distant relative.  While she knows Brand is an important word for the story, but still it goes on the back burner because there are other, more operational things to attend to, apart from the product.

However, there are three things to remember if you wish to grow:

1. Brand is the story, not just the name. It becomes the product. The product never becomes a brand.

2. Brand is a personality you can carve. Chisel and chisel and it will take a memorable and lasting personality.

3. In initial years you…

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