Sambit Bal & his note on Martin Crowe

This note is dedicated to the note written by Sambit Bal on death anniversary of Martin Crowe. Sambit has poured his heart in this piece. You can see nuances of his feelings while he sketches out Martin’s profile. Sambit tries to stay at a distance and yet he is so beautifully close to the Hero. You can actually feel the tremble in his fingers when he would be writing it.

But what moved me most and stayed with me are the lines as follows, ‘Most of his golden career had been full of torment, anxiety and self-loathing, before enlightenment – and the love of a good woman – lit up his last years, despite two bouts of cancer.’ The love of a good woman is life changing in his words. Must have been.

Sambit also writes, ‘I was going to skip writing that day in order to watch him watch his team.’ And this, ‘I was watching him closely throughout. There were no signs of distress. Instead there was a serene glow about him. He was at peace, he said.  This team, just by reaching the final, had banished ghosts of 1992, when Marty’s New Zealand were unable to defend a reasonable target in the semi-final as he nursed an injury in the dressing room.’  He writes about the pain and the medicine, he writes about the agony and the relief.  And Sambit’s closing sentence, ‘Me too, Marty, me too,’ leaves you with the ache that he is nursing. The entire note is a great read not only to see another side of Martin Crowe but also an elegant piece of writing.

Read it aloud to your child/children, it is worth it.

Stars in my sky

Many years ago, the incident that shaped my thoughts was that of Nirbhaya. I wondered how to make the world a better place for my children so that they could grow up as unbridled, independent adults. It was then that I decided to work for respect, respect for women, respect for human kind.

Red Polka runs on this mission to build a community of respect for women. Especially those women, who create businesses, no matter the size of the business. They are self-starters who with their creative thinking and determination have built something from the ground up, while creating designs that are truly world class.

Each designer on Red Polka is ‘the chosen one’, someone who not only makes beautiful designs, but also has a beautiful story. We believe that each business makes a difference; many of them may not be the family breadwinner, but their attitude is to feed many families through other breadwinners – their tailors, embroiders, packers, coordinators…

But not each one is adequately respected in her community for creating a business out of fashion and design. Many women face their efforts being written off as ‘hobbies’. Their work and the spirit of living a dream often gets overlooked. In my view, no work is small, as long as it is a sincere effort. As a client gave the term, ‘personal jihad’ to my approach, and like a personal jihad for respect, we are trying to earn respect for these #starsinmysky.

Next time you come across a lady who runs a boutique, give her the same respect that you would give to the lady who goes to a corporate office to earn a living.

Mother Teresa

The Chosen One
May your light keep us warm
And remind us
to be a better human today
And everyday

Beyond religions
Beyond boundaries
Beyond hierarchies
Is the human kind

May we rise above
May we spread love

Tum na hota…

अगर हमारी शब्दों के कोष में ‘तुम’ ना होता
तो, कोई छोटा ना होता
अगर हम सिर्फ ‘आप’ कहते
तो शायद आदर की समझ होती

काश, हमारे शब्दों के कोष में सिर्फ ‘आप’ होता
हमारे बच्चे ‘आप’ होते
हजारों पत्नियाँ ‘आप’ होती
लाखों युवा ‘आप’ होते
हमारी नींव कमज़ोर ना होती
शायद छोटेपन का एहसास न होता
शायद सिर्फ सम्मान होता

काश, हमारे शब्दों के कोष में सिर्फ आप होता

एक भिकारी भी ‘आप’ होता
वो नौकर भी ‘आप’ होता
हमारी बाई भी ‘आप’ होती
हमारी बच्चियाँ भी ‘आप’ होती
कोई छोटा ना होता
कोई बड़ा ना होता

काश हमारे शब्दों के कोष में ‘तुम’ ना होता
हमारे आँखों में एक ही भाव होता
हम इंसान होते, शायद इंसानियत होती
कोई छोटा ना होता, कोई बड़ा ना होता
काश हमारे शब्दों के कोष में सिर्फ ‘आप’ होता



When true leaders leave at their prime, celebrate, don’t mourn. You have been lucky to be a part of their journey!
The same applies when an elderly person dies. Why mourn the death of 80plus or even a couple of years younger to that? One day, the end has to come. Be happy, that you were a part of their journey and that they lived a full life.


Running taught me that when u reach the end, greet the finishing line with the same enthusiasm as when u started, no matter how tired you are.

Where to draw the line?

29th May, 2014

Where to draw the line?

Ever since I made comments on parenting style of my friends, there have been questions boiling in my mind. After passing the comment on dos’ and don’ts’, I went into consciousness that there is no written rule of being right or being wrong when it comes to parenting. And this raises the question of what is our primary role in parenting? What do we want to see? What really matters?

I feel there are three objectives of any parenting:

a)    The physical well being

b)   The emotional well being

c)    Create opportunities for children for self-actualisation.

HappinessThe first one is easy to understand and to carry out. It starts right from the birth and continues till you wean him/her off to self-care of physical being. The habits of everyday hygiene, the habits of listening to the needs of physical body and the ability to deal with physical pain or to celebrate physical fitness are some of the thoughts that we need to make our children realise. It may sound easy but it takes years to happen. Weaning off takes years too, but guided weaning helps them realise gradually. And we can only hope that the repeats will get etched. So whether it is as simple as brushing your teeth every morning and bedtime or the need to moisturise the skin (it is a challenge to inculcate in a boy with bad skin as he sees moisturising as a girly act). My two fussy eaters have taught me that when children are made independent when it comes to food, they gradually start taking interest in what is being fed to them. Especially, when they  o through the process of mindful eating, read no television viewing while eating. I am struggling with my younger child on her food habits. I realised much early that even as an infant, I couldn’t force any food as her strength of rejection lasted much longer than my strength of being forceful. In the last one year, I have been able to move her away from eating without any distraction like watching television or playing, to eat with all of us on the table. I am gradually making her serve herself as my servings don’t work and my hope is that the insistence of selecting at least one good food in every meal will help her towards nutritious food. I don’t know if I will succeed. But this is my attempt. So to sum it up: there are two things I keep reminding myself a) they need to learn the importance and the broad rules of physical care and b) they need to grow independent in self care.

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Reinvention is an attitude

Reinvention is an attitude

‘All my life, I have had a dream of playing cricket for India,” Tendulkar said. “I have been living this dream every day for the last 24 years”.

I am not a cricket fan and I don’t relate to the fact that people find it a religious act to watch Sachin Tendulkar play. I respect him tremendously for his sportsmanship, and for his childlike-pure attitude towards his profession, and for his humility and for his ability to listen to himself, and for his grit to not succumb under external pressures. Many reasons. One doesn’t need to justify. One just likes Sachin, the personality: Sachin, the brand: Sachin, the God for many.

And he said, ‘my wife and my brother are more emotional, but I am okay.”  This is not a dispassionate statement. This is the strength of the character that is going to reinvent itself. He may not play cricket, but he is confident of a different life. I am in no business to predict what he will do, whether he will endorse brands, whether he will be an active MLA, whether he will be related to cricket. Whatever he chooses, he will be watched. He will be revered. He will be commented upon.  And still he will appear as God, in a different avatar, in due course of time.

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कहते हैं उम्मीद पे दुनिया बसी है
सपनों पे दुनिया बसी है
प्यार पे दुनिया बसी है
सच तो ये है
दुनिया बसी है –

तरक्की पे
मेहनत पे
ज्ञान में

तरक्की हो , तो दुनिया दिल में बसी है
तरक्की हो, तो खुशियॉ बाँहों में
और तरक्की की कोई भाषा नहीं होती
पढ़ते चलो, बढ़ते चलो
तरक्की भाषा से नहीं रूकती
कीप राइजिंग !

Keep rising!



कुछ करने से कई बार हम डरते हैं 

और इस डर से कई बार हम मरते हैं 
बार बार मरने से अच्छा है, इक  बार मरो 
जी कर मरो, मर मर कर न मरो 
कर डालो 
या मार डालो
उस आस को 

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