The Next Ten

The Next Ten

In 2004, I was busy strategizing launch of the news channel Times Now, with a working title as PQ.

In 2014, Times Now today is a household name. Television industry went through ups and downs in last tens years, programming evolved, and Times Now made sure that it gained respect in 2014 ensuring that PM designates thought carefully before giving interviews. Media evolved in these years and is evolving faster.  Next ten years will be very different from last ten years. It will not be about television or print or radio or mobile. It would be about the brand and accessibility. I am hoping, it would still be about Times Now, the brand, but not only on cable and satellite, but also on Internet- mobile, laptops, tablets, phablets. It would be about brands and how fast they run to keep pace with the changing consumer.

My Next Ten Gems that would keep the media and advertising industry running would be:

  • Accessibility is the Media. Where I access my content, becomes my media. Be it my Facebook timeline, my mobile apps, newspaper, my car, my whatsapp group, my television etc.
  • Big idea: the big idea would flow in small measures, in forms of stories in our day to day life, and the longer they keep flowing, the bigger that idea would grow. It will not be just a burst of advertising campaign.
  • Communities in communication: media reach will have to address to communities or affinity groups and not just general consumers.
  • Digital is not a medium, but a way of life. It is not to be seen as a media, but how it enables the life and if brand is a part of this enabling journey, communication goal is achieved.
  • Emerging is the new experience when it comes to talent. While sourcing or honing talent, one would not look for experience but for emerging talent. So, if you are not emerging, no matter how old you are, you will be lost.
  • F: Not Fan following but friends: Brand’s love will continue as friends and  not as fans. While friends are about reach-ability, fans cannot reach the celeb i.e. brands. Brands need to build reach-ability with consumers like friends. The closer you are, the better relationship grows.
  • Global is not threatening any more for anyone, it is about the affinity groups across borders.
  • Happy is the new rich. This is my fav as more and more people will spend to get instant happiness than to save to be bank rich. And all those actions from brands that would evoke happiness would be loved.
  • Instant and how: it is all about now. Information now. Transaction now.
  • Judgment: Consumers are not only taking calculated judgment, but also faster judgment. Little knowledge is in abundance: courtesy Google Uncle. So essentially no, ullu banaoing.

Keep emerging!


Written for and published in Impact magazine’s Tenth Anniversary edition

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