The Blue

The Blue

This picture was taken in a small monastery in Paro, Bhutan. I was drawn by the deep blue color. I chose an angle to get the door & a peek into the world outside. This brick-washed door, the stone-paved floor, the complement blue doorframe and the old door-latch bring in richness to this rustic setting. While clicking the picture, the only thought I had was to get a good-looking frame that will enhance the blue.

The depth of the Blue pulls me in. Each time I look at this picture, it suggests me something new. It said, “it is ok to keep the brightest spot down in the pillar, it will give the strength it needs to give”. During one such peek, it nearly dictated, “spread the cheer far and near – take the blue color to the door-frame and the world opens up for you”. And once it uttered, “you don’t need to be perfect-finished to come in the limelight”. It keeps saying something or the other and I keep going back.

Colors fascinate me. Now, they have started talking to me.


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  1. Reblogged this on polkacoffee and commented:
    Blue is cheerful! The hues of blue show the reflection of the true you. The rich rustic feel in this picture suggests the warmness of new beginnings. Hope you enjoy reading this piece written by Vishakha Singh.

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